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There has been a very sad pathetic person who has been stalking me for a very long time and trying to lie about and/or impersonate me on various forums and places on the internet. Any post(s) on the internet purporting to be me or saying/claiming things that is not this website (elroylamont.com) or @realElroyLamont on twitter is NOT from me. The same old dirty tricks and harassment isn't intelligent or original, but then again neither is the person behind them.


You know who I am by the people who lie about and attack me.

I tell the truth about everyone and everything and fight back. (10/03/2019)

*This article and compilation of links and information is a work in progress and may be updated in the future.

My name is Elroy Lamont. I am a technology professional and pro freedom, pro America, pro free speech and pro Constitution political activist in the Western United States.

I am a multi time victim of political, religious and racially motivated persecution, harassment and attacks done by super corrupt, dishonest and unethical people.

I have been repeatedly defamed, harassed and attacked in multiple ways by sick disgusting deranged people such as Benjamin Kerensa, Brian E. Bryant, Stephane Portha and other staff from Eurocenter France/Toonslab dating back to the year 2003 and probably earlier.

I will lay out everything chronologically oldest first (top) to newest last (bottom) in a clear concise way. Complete with links, archives, images and other evidence of their crimes and them openly conspiring to frame me up, lie about me, deprive me of my rights and due process and otherwise harm me.

Take note original links may end up deleted or edited later on. I recommend relying on the archive.is and/or archive.org backups linked for reliability. Original links are merely for reference as to where the original source/post was.

Take note of the below posts. There is brigading to solicit false police reports from completely random strangers to multiple police departments and agencies over something not even done to them by "Spark910", Benjamin Kerensa and several others.

There is ZERO EVIDENCE presented that I or anyone did anything, there is not even any evidence posted in the thread or anywhere that anything at all actually occurred. They even admit that this is not about anything real but simply about making stuff up to harass and attempt to frame me. Stephane Portha and several other GraalOnline staff and forum members also made several other threads in 2003, 2004 and random other times lying about "being hacked" blaming myself and several other random innocent people all of course did not provide even a shred of evidence to back them up. Also take note of how neither I nor anyone else was ever arrested or charged for any of these defamatory criminal false accusations they made in 2003 despite Ben's bragging about "two fbi guys who can frame him up".

Below are two forum posts/replies made by Benjamin Kerensa to the "file false police report on the guy" defamation/brigading thread made by "Spark910"

Source: Original Link - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

Source: Original Link - http://archive.is/yn0dF - Archive.org copy

Isn't it "convenient" how just 8 months after these forum posts Benjamin Kerensa sends out email bomb threats using proxies to multiple places? - I have no direct proof but it is a theory that fits the facts that the September 2003 bomb threats was his and Stephane Portha's dry run prototype first attempt to frame me except it ended up failing and backfiring on Benjamin Kerensa the actual sender. A secondary reason may have been that it was a tech conference that Stephane Portha and/or Benjamin Kerensa wanted to attend but they denied them a pass.

More info about Benjamin Kerensa's 2003 email bomb threat boogaloo

Arrest in bomb threats / S.F man accused in Moscone incident - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

U.S. District Court

California Northern District (San Francisco)


 Case title: USA v. Kerensa                                                       Date filed 10/14/2003



The above docket info shows that Ben hardly spends any time in Jail prior to 2006; he probably spent 1 day or at most a weekend in jail then was released on a free bond he did not have to pay back. He was free in May 2004 and in October 2004 as he was stealing from web companies such as NationHosts during that same time period. "and got in no trouble for any of it" and is back at it again and basically does the exact same thing in May 2004 as he did in September 2003 to frame me up the only difference is his targets and the content being slightly different.

April 2004, Stephane Portha posts my private address on his forum and tells people to make false police reports about me.

Less than 2 weeks before the fake email bomb threats they sent to frame me Stephane Portha himself posts my private address on his own forum, makes false and defamatory statements about me without any evidence and solicits random people in the public to file false reports to all sorts of various random police around the world and to the FBI. In lament terms this is brigading, doxing, swatting and international terrorism done by Stephane Portha on a massive public level.

Are you the reader surprised the corrupt incompetent bad people such as the Seattle FBI, Prosecutor Vincent Lombardi II, Magistrate Robert S. Lasnik, or Seattle Public Defenders Office did not look at this or the mountain of exculpatory and exonerating evidence showing the years long campaign and intent to frame me up done by Stephane Portha, Benjamin Kerensa and others?

The May 2004 fake email bomb threat frame-up.

Congratulations to the disgusting shameful piles of garbage Benjamin Kerensa, Stephane Portha and all other associated people; after nearly 2 years "2002 to 2004" of constantly making up lies, soliciting harassment, false police reports, doxing and swatting campaigns and otherwise throwing stuff at the wall you finally got something fake to stick. I guess Ben's "Two corrupt FBI Agents" he bragged about were out on vacation until then.

but no worries for Ben and Stephane as they found other sick disgusting corrupt people.

These corrupt unethical people include; federal magistrate Robert S. Lasnik "a Bill Clinton appointee" Robert Lasnik is the same guy that constantly rules against the Bill of Rights and Constitution and has such fascist, un-American and unconstitutional opinions and rulings such as Lyft, Uber Drivers, and all private individuals can't willingly choose whether or not to unionize, or that the 2nd and 1st amendment and Constitution doesn't matter" I think that it would be very interesting to see (in my opinion and estimation) the bags of cash that the Seattle City Council and other corrupt officials quietly bring to Robert S. Lasnik regularly in exchange for certain rulings...

Sources: Patriot or Traitor - Robert S. Lasnik - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

SCC Insight - City wins another Uber lawsuit, collective bargaining cleared to move forward - Archive.org copy

New York Times - Judge Blocks Attempt to Post Blueprints for 3-D Guns - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

Robert S. Lasnik Wikipedia - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

Then we have an unethical corrupt prosecutor Vincent Lombardi II and they are more than happy to pin the blame on some random low income disadvantaged person who had just turned 18 less than a month ago at the time "like the majority of other cases that go before Robert Lasnik and Vincent Lombardi II" I was assigned a "Public Defender" with no choice and was given no opportunity to adequately defend myself, represent myself, or get another attorney. - I was not allowed to face my accuser(s) "if any actually existed", I was not given access to any of the evidence "if any actually existed", my right to a speedy trial was completely ignored and violated "over 2 years", I was not even given access to basic court files and they would not do anything at all I asked of them. They railroaded in a "plea deal" on my behalf without my knowledge or consent and there was not a damned thing I could do about it in that super corrupt kangaroo court. There was NO DUE PROCESS, this was not a legitimate court nor legitimate case!

According to Human Rights Watch and many others Robert S. Lasnik, Vincent Lombardi II and many others are Human Rights Violaters.

"more than 97 percent of cases were resolved through plea bargains, and fewer than 3 percent went to trial. The plea bargains largely determined the sentences imposed."


Why innocent people are pleading guilty - guiltypleaproblem.org - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

Why Innocent People Plead Guilty - Jed S. Rakoff - The New York Review of Books - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

US: Forced Guilty Pleas in Cases - Human Rights Watch - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

Nor did they actually bother to go through any trouble or effort of actually investigating anything, subpoenaing overseas servers or ISPs or "blaming the people actually responsible". As a matter of fact what information I have gleamed seems to suggest that crooked Vince Lombardi II simply emailed Stephane Portha and asked him "who do I blame for this?". I of course was never given a copy of ANYTHING I was only able to discern this from being able to glance at a screen for 10 seconds in a "public defender" office.

The proxy system "ip-relay.net" he used appears to be the same. Ben also used it again in 2008 "It would help greatly to clarify if I had access to the content(s) of these emails and so-called "evidence" for example IP addresses, the email content(s) and header(s), the email server(s) used, ect. "if any ever even existed" during my trial or any time between then and today. but alas I was not granted access to any of this nor was I ever given an opportunity to face my accusers, access to a competent independent attorney, a Jury trial, or any due process at all as was/is required by United States Law and Constitution.

Source: Kerensa-2008-Charges-Impersonating-FBI-Agent.pdf  - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy

Kerensa-2008-Sentencing-Memorandum.pdf - Archive.is copy - Archive.org copy


For an education read Fair Use 17 U.S. Code § 107 - 47 U.S. Code § 230 - https://www.eff.org/bloggers

The 1st Amendment of The United States Constitution

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I as a United States Citizen, and affected party with a right to free speech and a right to face his accusers (who are liars) I have every right to post the content contained on this page.

My name is Elroy Lamont, I am NOT a threat to myself or others, I will NOT harm myself or others and I am NOT suicidal. Please note the emphasis on the “NOT.” Despite an extended campaign of lies and defamation against me; I am NOT in any way "mentally ill" and any statement made by others to the contrary is untrue, false, defamatory and merely done out of bad faith and malice against me. - It’s a sad state of affairs that due to the lying, intimidation, threats and harassment done to and about me that I would even have to write such a disclaimer but there it is.

I AM NOT making any threats towards anyone on this page nor should anything on this page be construed as such. Not even the most dishonest or unethical people could twist or spin anything on this page to be "threatening" in any way, but alas I feel obliged post this section for avoidance of doubt due to stupid nonsense that unethical people like to try.- I will not be threatened, intimidated or bullied out of my right to free speech by these lying thugs and their dirty tricks. There are no threat(s) here PERIOD! and there is no way to legitimately read into the contents of this page as a threat or threatening. Any lies about or attacks against me will be met in a legal and lawful response and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law and will be publicly published at my discretion including truthful public information about THEM.



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