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I am Elroy Lamont and this is elroylamont.com - This is my informal personal private site. Here you may find photography, art, images, videos links, blogs, articles and other writings and anything else I feel like uploading and sharing.


About Me Elroy Lamont

Hi, I am Elroy Lamont and this is my website about me.

I created this website to tell the truth about myself and other people and to refute the lies and defamations spread about me on the internet by very sick bad evil people who are obsessed with hurting me and other innocent people. I am about being a nice guy and positivity but at the same time I will always defend myself and stand up for the truth.

I also created this website to share nice things and things that I do such as pictures, videos, information, files and other things that I may think of posting.

I am from somewhere in Washington State "due to a deranged stalker I cannot post more specific information"

My main interests are in Computers, Networking, General Technology, Nature and many other things.

Elroy Lamont Image Template

Elroy Lamont Image Template

Elroy Lamont Image Template

Elroy Lamont Image Template



Want to contact me?

If you know me then you already know how to contact me. Unfortunately due to nasty internet predators, scammers, spammers and other bad people I do not directly post links to my contact info in order to protect my life, security and physical safety.


A note about the harassment and defamation being spread about me.

If you see defamatory hateful content about me on the internet it is all hate speech lies and defamation most likely manufactured by a deranged violent criminal stalker, Disregard all defamation and hate about me as the lies that they are.