Threats and attacks from Brian E. Bryant and the truth about him.

The information here is all sourced from well known and publicly available sources that have been on the internet for many years and the threats sent to me by Brian E. Bryant. Everything is their own words and actions. Everything here is public domain, protected free speech and legal under The United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and 1st Amendment, Fair Use 17 U.S.C. 107 47 U.S. Code 230 and is to my knowledge 100% truthful and legal. Everything comes from publicly available sources and 3rd party websites, much of which are the posts, threats and messages made by Brian E. Bryant and his aliases and are documented with links and archives below each quote and post. Nothing here will be removed due to harassment, threats or attacks of any kind, in fact any threats, harassment or attacks that are done or tried will be publicly posted about here.

When bad dumb sick people like Brian E. Bryant who goes by Antago and several aliases on the internet in Akron Ohio think it's funny to post lies about me, threaten me and try to have me killed; I think it's even funnier to post the truth about them, especially when they are such a low quality garbage person with so much to post about him such as how Brian E. Bryant of Akron Ohio is a shoplifter and thief or how Brian E. Byrant of Akron Ohio is a deranged anti semite who makes conspiracy facebook pages.

Hatred and evil has an ugly face and this is what it looks like.

Brian E. Bryant sends me threatening emails, makes false reports to FBI, various police and others with the intent of having me SWATed and killed (September 29th 2017)

Brian E. Bryant posts libel and defamation on forums. (September 29th 2017)

It's funny to note that the above defamatory post actually describes Brian E. Bryant himself and not me. Nice projection the sick nutjob has going there.

Brian E. Bryant sends me more creepy threatening emails that make no sense. Then admits to doing it and claims to have filed more false police reports about me. (January 31st & February 1st 2018)

Brian E. Bryant death threats and terrorizes a Christian forum and it's members (December 2016)


The sick little Brian E Bryant guy is still at it and never goes away "as of June 2021", he even made a defamatory slanderous youtube video that would be a slam dunk for any attorney for a lawsuit, restraining order and criminal and civil court case if I was willing to waste several thousand dollars to get nothing in return except nice restraining orders and court injunctions I could frame. "The guy lives in public housing in Akron Ohio and on welfare/disability so actually collecting a judgement would be unlikely"

The sick evil pig creature comes back every few months trying to threaten harass and defame me with the same low quality badly done nonsense the funny thing is he has no viewers and the few that see his garbage end up thinking he is insane and uncredible as he has a dumb ugly schizo voice, can't even complete a coherent sentence.

 He provides no evidence to the defamatory nonsense that he does autistically screech out in-between his drug schizophrenia influenced cussing fits; it's so awful that it actually makes me look good and to be what I am the victim of a deranged lunatic.

I suspect if he is never arrested or committed to a psychiatric ward like he should be and should've been over a decade ago that he will still be threatening and harassing myself and others while claiming to be "Jesus of Graal who has Jews from Saturn conspiring to steal his thoughts" even in the years 2040 and 2050 until the day that miserable scum does the world and himself a favor and finally drops dead. After all the creature doesn't have a job and never had one, has no talent, has never made or produced anything of value "internet scams, shoplifting and extortion don't count as jobs". He is a disgusting violent schizoid that does nothing but screams at people, lies about everything and everyone and parasitizes the rest of the world.